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Education and Training

The Jarvis Breast Centre Education and Training Department offers Postgraduate Education and Training to clinical staff of all grades working within the specialist field of Breast Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment.

The Jarvis Breast Centre Education and Training Department offers three programmes of study in Collaboration with the Joint Faculty of Health, Social Care and Education - Kingston University and St George's University of London:

  • Foundation degree (FdSc) in Breast Imaging,  a 2 year modular programme specifically designed for Assistant Practitioners working in Breast Screening, offering full IR(ME)R training and clinical competence certification in routine and assessment mammography.

  • Mammography Assistant Practitioner Programme
    This is a joint venture between St George's National Breast Centre and The Jarvis National Breast Centre. Run twice a year, May (St George's) and November (Jarvis Centre).

  • Mammography Update Clinical Training is also offered by our clinical colleagues in the clinical department.

  • Postgraduate Certificate (PgC), Diploma (PgD) and Masters, (MSc) in Medical Imaging (Mammography). www.kingston.ac.uk/postgraduate-course/radiography-medical-imaging-mammography-msc

  • Postgraduate Certificate (PgC), Diploma (PgD) and Masters, (MSc) in Breast Evaluation . www.sgul.ac.uk/study/postgraduate/taught-degrees-postgraduate/breast-evaluation-pgcert-pgdip-msc

    Both Postgraduate degree programmes are modular based and specifically aimed at registered and qualified health professionals working in the specialist field of breast screening, diagnosis and treatment. The modular programmes are aimed at Advanced and Consultant Level Practice.

    The programmes are offered to professionals working in the field of breast screening, diagnosis and treatment such as Radiologists, Breast Clinicians/Physicians, GP's, Radiographers, Mammographers, Breast Care Nurses, Clinical Nurse Specialists, and other medical grade staff with a specific interest in breast evaluation, diagnosis and treatment.

    The module content is taught by a range of clinical experts in their fields - Consultant Practitioners, Breast Surgeons, Oncologists, Radiologists, Clinicians, Breast Specialist Nurses, Psychologist and Pathologist etc...

    Yasmeen, has both clinical and academic experience of working in the NHS in Radiation Oncology and as Senior University Lecturer. She also teaches and assesses on all the modules, and is a Collaborative Partner and Honorary Senior Lecturer at Kingston University & St George's University of London. Yasmeen also participates in the 'Beyond Barriers Mentor Scheme' at the university as a student and staff mentor.

    For more details of all programmes please contact:

    Yasmeen Malik
    Education Manager, Honorary Senior University Lecturer,
    And Collaborative Partner Kingston University & St George's University of London

    Address Details:
    Yasmeen Malik
    Education and Training Department
    The Jarvis Breast Centre
    60 Stoughton Road
    GU1 1LJ

    Direct Line: 0333 200 2062 (Main Reception)
    Training Administrator Sue Storr

    Further information and links can be found on Twitter:

    All applicants must be registered with the appropriate university (Kingston or SGUL). As this can take several weeks, they are encouraged to apply at least 6 weeks prior to delivery dates.